Point Venture Lions

2021-2022 Board Of Directors

Event and Service Leaders

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Point Venture Lions Club. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

2021-2022 – Board/Community/Event Responsibilities



President – Vicky Lockwood

  • Club leadership and administration

  • Coordinate contacts with LCI, District and Zone

  • Member of awards committee

1st Vice President – Tom Soukup

  • Coordinates finding leaders for service activities

  • Chairs nominating committee for incoming board

  • Stands in for President when absent

2nd Vice President – Jean Lundin

  • Coordinate’s meeting programs

  • Assists President as requested

Services Chair – Anne Kikta

  • Chairs audit committee/monthly band reconciliation

  • Check’s mailbox and distributes

  • Coordinate’s meeting invocation

Treasurer – Gene Glass

  • Collects, disburses and records operating and charitable funds

  • Maintains financial books for the club

  • Prepares monthly reports for the board

  • Prepares required financial filings to IRS and Lions International

  • Coordinates insurance requirements and policies

Secretary – Phyllis Marshall

  • Records Board and Meeting Minutes

  • Files required data to District on Lions membership and activity

Membership Chair – Janice Huling

  • Promotes club membership growth

  • Handles new member orientation, induction and integration into the club

  • Collects membership dues

  • Maintains club’s membership records.  Submits reports to LCI

  • Chairs Membership Committee

Past President – Fred Pontesso

  • Assist incoming President and Club Officers

  • Awards Committee

Lion Tamer -Laurie Glass

  • Safety Officer/Facility Coordinator

  • Manages bar and server TABC certification

Tail Twister – Donna Hafner

  • Coordinates tail twister programs/entertainment

Meal Coordinator – Barry Pasarew

  • Secures cooking teams

  • Sends meal notices and collects membership RSVP

  • Stocks supply cabinet

Marketing Communications Chair – Arlene Kuske

  • Webmaster and communication tools – Walter Lockwood

  • Sponsor publicity and POA newsletter

  • District news – Tracy Skrasek

  • Club Directory

Charity – Cindy Wheeler

  • Reviews and provides recommendations for charitable donations

  • Chair’s Charity Committee

Fundraising – Eric Love

  • Coordinates all fundraising activities

  • Chair’s Fundraising Committee

  • Sponsor Publicity


Committee Chairs


Reception – Cindy and Jim Schloss

Golf Tournament – Gene Glass

Concert Committee – Chuck Lambert

Scholarship Committee – Cindy Wheeler

Texas Lions Camp Coordinator – Jim and Pama Monfries

Road Clean Coordinator – Wayne and Arlene Kuske

LV Volunteers Coordinator – Frank and Laurie Engles

Vision Screening Coordinator – Jackie Lambert

Blood Mobile Coordinator – Niki Zezulka and Janice Huling

Audit Committee – Shelly Molina

Bar Tenders – Laurie Glass and Jerry Skaff

Eye Glass Recycle – Ann Kirk

Grill Team – Barry Pasarew

Balcones – Fran Pontesso and Janice Huling


Event Leaders


Easter Egg Hunt – Laurie Class

July 4th – Laurie Glass

LVHS Booster Club Support – Ann and Frank Kikta

Blue Santa – Laurie Glass

Christmas Decorations-Lights – John Lundin

Christmas Event – Janice Huling, Cathy Soukup, and Vicky Lockwood