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Membership Chairman
Steve Hafner
(210) 213-5068


Categories of Club Membership


Active (regular): A member who participates in meetings and activities, entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership in a lion’s club implies.

Affiliate: An individual who is currently unable to fully participate in the club but wishes to support the club in service and/or other activities.

Member-at-Large:  A member who has moved out of the community and is unable to regularly attend meetings but desires to retain membership in the club.

Associate: A member who holds primary membership in another club but maintains a residence in the community served by this club.


Honorary:  Bestowed by a club to a non-member to recognize outstanding community service.

Privileged:  A member who has been a Lion for 15 or more years, who because of illness or other legitimate reason, must relinquish his or her activities.

Life Members:  A member who has maintained active status for 20 or more years and is at least 70 years of age.  This member in lieu of dues, pays a one-time payment.

Our Mission - We Serve

Our Club - Social activities. member support, club administration

Our Community - Point Venture, local area, broader community district, and LCIF

Our Charities - Fundraising, financial support, and services

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